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Friendship Baptist Church Owasso
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fusion: week of 6/25


Judges 16:1-31

Sin can devestate our lives, but God can forgive and restore our
relationship with Him.

1.  Sinful Patterns Lead Us Down Paths of Bondage

     (Judges 16:1-5)

     Samson's lustful passion grew into a sinful pattern
     of behavior in his life.
2.  Sin Distracts Our Judgment

     (Judges 16:6-20)

     Samson was blinded or willfully ignorant to the
     dangers his sin placed him in both physically
     and spiritually.
3.  God Provides Grace and Forgiveness for Our Sin

     (Judges 16:21-23)

     God graciously granted Samson forgiveness and
     the power to fulfill his original calling, destroying
     3,000 Philistines with his final act.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fusion: week of 6/18


Judges 7:1-23

God prepares us to be victorious through His power and provides 
exactly what we need.

1.  God's Perspective of Our Battles is Different From Our Perspective

     (Judges 7:1-2)

     Against conventional earthly wisdom, God told Gideon the
     Israelite army included too many soldiers.
2.  God Takes Us Through Refining Process in Preparing Us for Battle

     (Judges 7:3-8)

     God used a series of tests to reduce the number of Israel's
     army, preparing them for a victory only He could provide.
3.  God is Patient With Us in Our Struggles of Faith

     (Judges 7:9-15)

     God encouraged and strengthened Gideon's faith for the
     coming battle.

4.  Our Objective in Life is the Glory of God

     (Judges 7:2 ; 16-23)

     God granted the victory in such a way that no one could have
     denied that He alone was the victor.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fusion: week of 6/10


Joshua 6:1-27

God uses His servants to accomplish His will through His power.

1.  There Are Inherent Dangers in Times of Peace and Prosperity

     (Judges 4:1-2)

     God's people allowed themselves to become complacent
     during the peace He had provided them.
2.  Repentance and Dependence Open the Door for Spiritual Change

     (Judges 4:3-7)

     The Israelites cried out to God, and He heard them and
     prepared to free them.
3.  God's Plan for Victory May Not Always Seem Orthodox

     (Judges 4:6-10)

     God's plan of deliverance involved people and strategies
     that may have seemed counter-intuitive to the military
     strategies of the day.

4.  Trust and Obey to Experience the Lord's Work in Your Life

     (Judges 4:11-16)

     As Deborah and Barak obeyed God and trusted His power,
     they experienced an amazing victory.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fusion: week of 6/4


Judges 2:1-23

The Israelites failed to fully obey God's commands, leading to a 
downward cycle of idolatry and disobedience.

1.  We Are Prone to Disobedience

     (Judges 2:1-2 , 11-12 , 17 , 19)

     Despite the covenant relationship with God, the people
     chose to worship idols.
2.  Disobedience Leads to Defeat and Discouragement in
     Our Lives

     (Judges 2:3-5 , 13-15 , 20-23)

     The Israelites' disobedience had dire costs and
3.  Obedience Can Influence an Entire Generation

     (Judges 2:6-10)

     Joshua led the people in committing to and obeying God.

4.  God Equips Us for Obedience

     (Judges 2:16-18)

     God provided leaders and deliverers for the people
     to look to and follow in obedience.