Friendship Baptist Church Owasso

Friendship Baptist Church Owasso
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

D6: week of 10/28

Family Theme:  Protection

Psalm 121-124

Psalms 120-134 are called "songs of ascent" because the Jews
sang them as they made the uphill journey to Jerusalem for 
worship.  Psalms 121-124 celebrate God's protection.

1.  Rest! God Is Up Anyway  (Psalm 121)
     God alone can be our help in time of need because He 
     never fails.

2.  Rejoice! We Are Going to God's House  (Psalm 122)
     David felt joy at the thought of going to the house of the
     Lord to worship.

3.  Escape!  God Delivers Us  (Psalm 124)     
     Whatever the circumstance that prompted the writing of
     this psalm, were it not for the mercies of God, all would
     have been lost.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

D6: Week of 10/21

Special thanks to Art Roslewski for teaching this morning!


Family Theme:  Sovereignty

Psalm 96-97

Psalms 96-97 celebrate the sovereignty of God and encourage
His children to worship Him with joy and gladness.

1.  Rejoice, Sing of God's Glory and Majesty (Psalm 96: 1-6)
     We should proclaim God's glory in a celebratory manner to
     all the nations of the earth.

2.  Rejoice, the Lord is a Righteous Judge (Psalm 96: 7-13)
     Our worship should lead us to carry God's message
     throughout the earth.

3.  Rejoice, the Lord Reigns (Psalm 97: 1-12)     
     Since Yahweh reigns, let all the earth rejoice.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

D6: Week of 10/14

Family Theme:  Eternal King

Psalm 89:1-37

This psalm celebrates God's promises to David and his
descendents - one of whom is Christ, our eternal king.
The psalm is a great reminder of the supremacy and
faithfulness of God.

1.  Trust God's Promises (Psalm 89: 1-4)
     God's goodness and kindness are ever present and He is 
     faithful in all situations.

2.  Look to Creation to Glimpse God's Power (Psalm 89: 5-18)
     The God we serve is so awesome and great that we scacely
     imagine His splendor.

3.  Trust and Obey (Psalm 89: 19-37)
     God's promises make obedience necessary.  Anything
     less would be foolhardy and disrespectful.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

D6: Week of 10/7

Special thanks to Derek Chute for being our fearless leader today!
Family Theme:  Deliverance

Psalm 69


1.  Cry Out to God
     Psalm 69:1-18
     In the midst of struggles, David dedicated himself to

     praying and trusting that God would act in His timing.

2.  Implore God to Act

     Psalm 69:19-28
     Out of frustration, David prayed that God would turn the

     table on his enemies but he did not ask God for permission
     to attack them.

3.  Praise God Even in Suffering

     Psalm 69:29-36
     Despite the suffering he was enduring, David declared that

     he would sing songs of praise to God.